Our Latest Addition to Ultradot

🔴🎯 Ultradot LLC Welcomes Pro Staff Member Chris Rhodes! 🎯🔴

Ultradot LLC proudly announces the addition of Chris Rhodes to our esteemed Pro Staff team! With a remarkable background in handgun hunting and an unparalleled dedication to excellence, Chris brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our community.

🔫 Handgun Hunting Virtuoso: With over two decades of experience in the field, Chris Rhodes is not just a handgun hunter; he’s a seasoned expert. His deep understanding of the craft, honed through countless hours in the backcountry, sets him apart as a true authority in the field of handgun hunting.

👀 Ultradot Aficionado: For more than 20 years, Chris has trusted Ultradot sights as his go-to choice for precision and reliability. His unwavering loyalty to our brand speaks volumes about the quality and performance of our products.

🔧 Master Gunsmith: As the founder of Bayside Custom Gunworks, Chris has demonstrated his exceptional skill and craftsmanship in the world of firearms. His expertise in gunsmithing ensures that every weapon performs at its peak, meeting the exacting standards of both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

🌟 USMC Combat Veteran: Having served in the United States Marine Corps, Chris brings a unique perspective and unparalleled discipline to everything he does. His service to his country reflects his unwavering dedication to duty and honor.

🏞️ Backcountry Adventurer: Chris’s passion for hunting knows no bounds. Whether he’s tracking game in the wilderness or navigating rugged terrain, he’s always up for the challenge. His willingness to embark on solo expeditions for days at a time showcases his courage and self-reliance.

🏆 Founder of Handgun Hunter’s Competition: In addition to his achievements in the field, Chris is the visionary behind the Handgun Hunter’s Competition in New Castle, Wyoming. His commitment to promoting and advancing the sport of handgun hunting has left an indelible mark on the community.

With Chris Rhodes on board, Ultradot LLC looks forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation in the world of precision optics. Please join us in welcoming Chris to the Ultradot family!

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Welcome aboard, Chris! Together, let’s aim for greatness! 🌟🔴