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Introducing Team Ultradot: A Legacy of Excellence in Shooting Sports

Since its inception in 1998 by Larry Carter, with the invaluable support of Tom Roach, Team Ultradot has carved a distinguished path in the realm of competitive shooting. As an all-civilian team, their journey has been marked by remarkable success and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence in their sport. Under the leadership […]

Exploring Chris Rhodes’ Equipment Review from the Handgun Hunter’s Competition

Greetings, Ultradot Enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to share an insightful new video with you, courtesy of Chris Rhodes, where he dives deep into the equipment used during his recent Handgun Hunter’s Competition journey. In this exclusive review, Chris walks us through the gear that powered his performance to success. From the precision of our Ultradot optics […]

Capturing the Thrills: Highlights from the Handgun Hunters Competition

Step into the thrilling world of precision and skill at the Handgun Hunters Competition, held on June 14th-15th. Join us as we capture the intense moments, exceptional marksmanship, and camaraderie that defined this prestigious event. Explore the gripping snapshots that highlight the dedication and expertise of participants, brought to you exclusively by Ultradot LLC. Get […]

Join the Excitement: Handgun Hunter’s Competition

Attention all marksmen and shooting enthusiasts! Get ready to test your skills and experience the thrill of competition at the Handgun Hunter’s Competition, taking place on June 14th and 15th, 2024, in the picturesque town of Newcastle, Wyoming. A Test of Precision and Accuracy The Handgun Hunter’s Competition is not your average shooting event. It’s […]

Congratulations to Jason Robert Strgar

Ultradot LLC proudly congratulates Jason Robert Strgar for his impressive victory at the Wyoming National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet on May 4th. Securing the LT is no small feat, and Jason’s achievement exemplifies skill and dedication. Here’s to many more successful hunts ahead! 🦃🏆 #Ultradot #WildTurkeyFederation #HuntingChampion

🎉🏆 Celebrating Success: Hiem Trang Wins Ultradot Raffle! 🏆🎉

We’re thrilled to announce Hiem Trang as the lucky winner of our Ultradot 4 raffle at the Precision Pistol Outdoor 2700 Conventional Match! Held at the prestigious Phoenix Rod & Gun Club in AZ on 2/12/24, this NRA-sanctioned event boasted 40 skilled competitors. Our heartfelt congratulations to Hiem Trang on this fantastic win! Your enthusiasm […]