Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions regarding recoil or caliber of gun?
What type of battery does the Ultradot use and what is the life expectancy?
What’s included with each sight?
Why isn’t my dot round or why is it fuzzy?
Why does my extension tube not fit?
Can a sight be repaired even though I don’t have a receipt?
Will the Ultradot mount on my weapon?
How do the Ultradot HD Micro, L/T and Pan AV mount?
What is the minimum distance required between the rings (inside to inside) for the Ultradot to fit?
Where should the mounting rings be placed?
What Ultradot sights will work on Ruger Integrated Rail Systems with proprietary rings?
Does Ultradot LLC service sights produced by AAL Optics or Oakshore Electronics?
Do you ship outside the US?