Ultradot began over 35 years ago with the creation of the UD25B, the first sight to use the red dot aiming system technology. The sight continues to be our workhorse with the only changes being upgrades to the electronics. Over the years we have expanded the line to offer our customers different features to improve their shooting experience, currently at eight models, soon to be nine. At Ultradot we strive to offer a dependable and affordable sight, something that you can count on. We provide a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturer’s defects and have a great service department to back that warranty and to aid with non-warrantied issues.

In 1998 Team Ultradot was created by Larry Carter, with the support of Tom Roach. The all-civilian team has been super successful over the years and we look forward to many team wins and achievements in the future. With Adam Kopstein at the helm and such talented shooters we are sure to see some incredible shooting! Come on out and support the team.

Most importantly, we at Ultradot appreciate the support from our loyal customers and cannot thank you enough. We are committed to keep you shooting at your best!

If you have any comments, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you!