Celebrating Ron Schaffer’s Victory at the William Penn Pistol League Banquet

At Ultradot LLC, we take immense pleasure in celebrating the triumphs of marksmen who embody the spirit of precision and dedication. Today, we extend our warmest congratulations to Ron Schaffer for his exciting win at the William Penn Pistol League Banquet on May 18th.

Ron’s success in winning the Ultradot Matchdot through the raffle at the Middletown Anglers and Hunters Club is a testament to his luck and enthusiasm for the sport of pistol shooting. As a valued member of the AMP Pistol Team, Ron exemplifies the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie that define our community.

For over 75 years, the William Penn Pistol League has been a beacon of excellence in fostering camaraderie and promoting the highest standards of marksmanship. With 10 teams and over 200 members, it stands as a testament to the enduring passion and dedication of its participants.

The annual banquet serves as a cornerstone event within the league, providing an opportunity for members to come together, celebrate achievements, and strengthen the bonds that unite us. It is a time for reflection, camaraderie, and appreciation for the shared love of the sport.

In the attached photo, we witness the joyous moment as Joe Gulbin of the Red Rose Pistol Team presents the Ultradot Matchdot award to Ron Schaffer. It captures the essence of camaraderie and mutual support that defines our community.

As a leading manufacturer of precision optics for competitive shooting, Ultradot LLC is honored to have contributed to Ron’s success. We applaud his win and wish him continued luck and success in all his future endeavors on the firing line.

Here’s to Ron Schaffer, to the AMP Pistol Team, and to the rich tradition of excellence upheld by the William Penn Pistol League. May your passion for marksmanship continue to inspire us all, and may the bonds of camaraderie forged within our community grow even stronger with each passing year.

Warm regards,

Heather Roach and the Ultradot Team